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Softwar(e) 2018

Softwar(e) 2018 Softwar(e) is a multimedia art installation by a collaborative team coming together from different parts of the world at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media, San Jose State University. The immersive environment utilizes video, VR/AR, as well as text/projection mapping to investigate concepts of control and access to networked information. This exhibition visualizes an intervention into distribution of ... Read More »

Revelation 2017

Revelation 2017 Share Economy is a new concept in this internet generation, people sharing their car, their houses, even their time. Different applications are people to their idle resources. It is a new movement of resource allocation, More and more sharing service are coming out and tell people to share something they never imagine. We are living in a place ... Read More »

Idol Dimension 2017

Idol Dimension 2017 The dark side of Japanese Otaku culture is an obscure child pornography; animation, comic, video game and different otaku media are satisfying people’s desires legally by access to the legal bottom line. Japanese Idol is a very important part Otaku culture. Idols are manufactured stars of but different than a normal singer and actor, they are meeting ... Read More »

Chatting Typewriter 2016

Chatting Typewriter 2016 There are lots of possibility in the human, what if Lincoln didn’t die in assassinate? What if there is not Hindenburg big bang? The different possibility will change the future in a different way, it can be a political or technological. These possibilities are always the popular topic in science fiction story. Today, most of our communication ... Read More »

a Rotoscoping 2013

a Rotoscoping    2013 In this work, I was using a technique call rotoscoping. This is very old animation technique in early 20th. The Disney animation The Snow White princess and Cinderella also used this technique on character’s action. In this time, people already use technique like motion capture to do the character’s action. I choose rotoscoping because I want ... Read More »

“Where is the Brock University?” “This way.” 2013

“Where is the Brock University?” “This way.” 2013 In the beginning of this work, I was thinking to design a manhole cover that with functionality and relate to my life. The functionality reminds me my QR code work. Also, most of my life in these several years is in university. So I had the idea, design manhole cover with the ... Read More »

“I am not a QR code.” 2013

“I am not a QR code.” 2013 In this generation, we can see QR codes in everywhere like magazine, newspaper and poster. People us their digital device to scan these images of trademark, and then they can got a URL of an internet website of a short paragraph of text. People can save the time of typing txt. QR code ... Read More »