Chatting Typewriter 2016

Chatting Typewriter 2016

There are lots of possibility in the human, what if Lincoln didn’t die in assassinate? What if there is not Hindenburg big bang? The different possibility will change the future in a different way, it can be a political or technological. These possibilities are always the popular topic in science fiction story. Today, most of our communication a base on the screen on different digital devices, we use it to what news, chatting with people. What if we use different media to do this thing in our everyday live? In the mid-20th century, there is a new faxing service provided by telephone or new company, people who subscribe this service will receive the newest news as soon as possible on their fax machines. It is like we are reading instant news on the internet, but it is on paper. With the similar technology, people also can be chatting on paper in a mid-20th century like the instant messaging we are using right now. By connecting the special typewriter to the phone line, people may use it to chatting with each other instantly.

The idea of this project is to show the showing way people chatting and telling the audience a different possibility. As an artist, I don’t have the skill to develop a new technology, but I can present people what the new technology looks like. I will be using projection mapping to present this typewriter chatting. In Disneyland, they use projection mapping technology to reproduce the fantasy world in their animation. Such as the strong wind and high waves the vast universe. A normal typewriter will display in this projection and pretend it is the chatting typewriter, a premade chatting dialogue video will project on the paper in the typewriter. The dialogue video will reproduce the typing and line feed like people usually type with a typewriter. The chatting dialogue will let the audiences know it is a chat but not a writing.

The technique use in this project is more related to the digital video. This project is presenting the different possibility of our technology, and the project itself it is also presenting a different way to building a prototype. People usually to use 3D animation to present the operation theory of a product does not appear yet. Projecting video on an existing object may give the audience more realistic feeling, it is like the X-wing in Disney Land.

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