Idol Dimension 2017

Idol Dimension 2017

The dark side of Japanese Otaku culture is an obscure child pornography; animation, comic, video game and different otaku media are satisfying people’s desires legally by access to the legal bottom line. Japanese Idol is a very important part Otaku culture. Idols are manufactured stars of but different than a normal singer and actor, they are meeting people’s desires on the young female, the adoration of their Fans and followers is more like religious fanaticism. After the developed of animation and gaming industry in Japan, a mass of virtual idols existed in different media, they attract more people’s adoration because of their absolute virginal and inhuman.

The character and identification of different virtual idols are symbolic. They categorized by one or two traits, even a number or color is enough to represent the idols’ identity. These symbols remind people the idols they adored, or they are adoring the symbolic.

This installation bringing the Virtual idols to our three-dimension real world. The different sets of color blocks are representing today’s famous virtual idols. The live size blocks is like an abstract expressionism color field totems, it is stand in the gallery and waiting for adorer to find and visit them.

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