Nightview of the Brock Bus Stop 2012

Nightview of the Brock Bus Stop    2012

Camera is catching the light to document the scene, it works like human’s eyes. But the light can caught by human’s eyes are limited. In these works, I am trying to use camera document light in different ways to show a scene cannot saw by human eyes. Playing with the exposure time was like playing the magi of light; human’s eyes can only froze the light in on moment, but the camera can froze the light in a long time. The lights in different moment fit together and create a different scene.

Place and time are two friends helped me developed these works. Place given me the object for shoot- a huge wider space and the busy traffic. The street lights and the car lights are the important element in my work. Time was not only helping me in the exposure; the night time given me the dark background and let the light turn on. The rainy time was increased my works; the raining given my works some obscure effect of light, the wet ground given my image the loveliness reflect light. All of the element fusion together and become these beautiful pieces.